Election statements

Nominations to stand at this election close on Wednesday 8 April and by 4pm on Thursday 9 April.

How do I get information on the candidates?

Each candidate has the opportunity to submit an election address. These will be available to view at no later than 4pm on Thursday 9 April. Alternatively you can request a copy of the booklet to be sent to you by calling 0808 196 2170.

For the Mayoral election you will receive a booklet containing election addresses for the candidates, as well as other information about the Mayoral Election. This will be posted to every registered elector in the West Midlands Combined Authority area around the 18 April.

For the Local elections, it is the decision and responsibility of the candidate or their agent if they want to provide/send out further information to you.

Who can stand for election?

A person can stand for election as West Midlands PCC if:

  • they are 18 or over
  • they are a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • they are registered to vote in the West Midlands Police force area

A person cannot stand as a PCC if:

  • they have been convicted of an imprisonable offence (whether or not a prison sentence was handed down)
  • they are a serving: civil servant, judge, police officer, member of the regular armed forces, employee of a council within the force area, employee of a police related agency, employee of another government agency, politically restricted post-holder, or member of police staff (including Police Community Support Officers)

Welsh Assembly Members and Members of the European, Scottish and Westminster Parliaments can stand for election as PCC, but would need to step down from their existing role before taking office.  A member of the House of Lords would be ineligible from taking their seat in the Lords while serving as Police and Crime Commissioner.

Anyone who wishes to stand will need to provide the following:

  • A completed nomination form
  • 100 signatures of people on the electoral register
  • A signed and witnessed consent to nomination form
  • A deposit of £5,000 (will be returned if the candidate receives more than 5% of the valid first choice votes cast in the election)
  • A certificate authorising the use of a registered political party’s name or description (signed by the party’s nominating officer – not required if standing as an independent candidate)
  • A signed request to use a registered political party’s emblem on the ballot paper (if required)

The completed paperwork must be submitted by hand to the PARO at the address given below, no later than 4pm on Wednesday 8 April 2020.

The Electoral Commission has produced guidance concerning standing as a candidate, including how to complete the nomination papers.

Police Area Returning Officer

The Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) is appointed by the Secretary of State and is responsible for the administration of the election. The PARO for the 2020 election is Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council.  Further information on how the election will be conducted can be obtained by contacting: Liz Read, Electoral Services Manager at Coventry City Council by email or by telephoning 024 7697 5226.

The address of the PARO (for delivery of nomination papers) is:

Council House
Earl Street