Coventry – Situation of Polling Stations Notice

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Situation of polling stations

West Midlands Police Area

Coventry City Council Voting Area

No. of polling station Situation of polling station Description of persons entitled to vote
 1 Coventry Saracens R.F.C., Bredon Avenue, Coventry BA-1 to BA-1081
 2 St. Bartholomews C. of E. Academy, Bredon Avenue, Coventry BB-1 to BB-1399
 3 Stretton C. of E. Primary School, Stretton Avenue, Coventry BC-1 to BC-1911
 4 Hagard Youth and Community Centre, Remembrance Road, Willenhall, Coventry BD-1 to BD-2485
 5 Middle Ride Community Centre, Middle Ride, Coventry BE-1 to BE-2045
 6 Pre School, Ernesford Grange Primary School, Guilsborough Road, Coventry BF-1 to BF-1940
 7 Sowe Valley Primary School, Princethorpe Way, Ernesford Grange, Coventry BG-1 to BG-1300
 8 John White Community Centre, Grange Avenue, Coventry BH-1 to BH-1125
 9 Feeding Coventry, Foleshill Community Centre, 757 Foleshill Road EA-1 to EA-2749
 10 Sikh Family Centre, 35-50 Cross Road, Coventry EB-1 to EB-1594
 11 Portacabin, Corner of Pridmore Road and, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry EC-1 to EC-1314
 12 St. Barnabas Church of Masihi Sandesh, Oliver Street, Coventry ED-1 to ED-2670
 13 Broad Street Meeting Hall, 124 Broad Street, Coventry EE-1 to EE-1521
 14 Foleshill Community Fire Station, Foleshill Road, Coventry EF-1 to EF-2188
 15 Broadgate National Spiritualist Church, 73-83 Eagle Street, Foleshill EG-1 to EG-1641
 16 St. Mary`s Church Parish Centre, Hall Lane, Coventry FA-1 to FA-1979
 17 Whittle Academy, Narberth Way, Coventry FB-1 to FB-1859
 18 Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, Winston Avenue, Coventry FC-1 to FC-2951
 19 St. Philip`s Church, Ringwood Highway, Coventry FD-1 to FD-2286
 20 St. Chad`s Church Hall, Hillmorton Road, Coventry FE-1 to FE-1793
 21 Henley Green Community Centre, Wyken Croft, Coventry FF-1 to FF-1729
 22 Potters Green Social Club & Community Centre, Wigston Road, Coventry FG-1 to FG-1250
 23 The Sanctuary, St. Peter and Paul R.C. Primary School, Arkle Drive, Off Woodway Lane FH-1 to FH-962
 24 The Nursery, Longford Park Primary School, Windmill Road, Coventry HA-1 to HA-1812/1
 25 Grangehurst Primary School (Dining Room), Anderton Road, Coventry HB-1 to HB-2152
 26 St. Laurence`s Church Hall, Old Church Road, Coventry HC-1 to HC-1342
 27 St. Thomas’ Church, Parish Hall, Hurst Road, Coventry HD-1 to HD-921
 28 Alderman`s Green Free Methodist Church, Alderman`s Green Road, Coventry HE-1 to HE-1043
 29 Bell Green Community Centre, Old Church Road, Coventry HF-1 to HF-1203
 30 Bell Green Library and Learning Centre, 17-23 Riley Square, Coventry HG-1 to HG-979
 31 United Life Chapel, 40 Armfield Street, Coventry HH-1 to HH-1288
 32 North Point Church, 300 Roseberry Avenue, Coventry HI-1 to HI-781
 33 Harris Hall, Lentons Lane Baptist Church, Lenton`s Lane, Coventry HJ-1 to HJ-472
 34 Woodlands Lodge, Courthouse Green Primary School, Sewall Highway, Coventry HK-1 to HK-877
 35 Longford Baptist Church, Oban Road, Coventry HL-1 to HL-1360
 36 St. Margaret`s Church, Argyll Street, Coventry NA-1 to NA-1425
 37 Enterprise Club, Avon Street, Coventry NB-1 to NB-2588
 38 St. Albans Church, Mercer Avenue, Coventry NC-1 to NC-1021
 39 The Seedlings Area, Stoke Heath Primary School, Heath Crescent, Coventry ND-1 to ND-2548
 40 Assembly Hall, Lyng Hall Secondary School, Blackberry Lane, Coventry NE-1 to NE-2184
 41 AT7 Centre -Gymnasium, Bell Green Road, Coventry NF-1 to NF-1269
 42 St John Fisher Catholic Church, Tiverton Road, Coventry NG-1 to NG-1152
 43 Stoke Primary School – Nursery, Briton Road, Coventry NH-1 to NH-1233
 44 Community Centre, Warwickshire Shopping Park, Kynner Way, Binley TA-1 to TA-1584
 45 Holy Cross Church Hall, St Austell Road, Coventry TB-1 to TB-1895
 46 Pinley Rugby Football Club, Wyken Croft, Coventry TC-1 to TC-1745
 47 Clifford Bridge Primary School, Community Room, Coombe Park Road, Coventry TD-1 to TD-2042/1
 48 Pearl Hyde Primary School – Kidz Aloud Room, Dorchester Way, Coventry TE-1 to TE-1268
 49 St. Gregory`s Roman Catholic Primary School, Harry Rose Road, Coventry TF-1 to TF-1532
 50 Wyken Community Centre, Westmorland Road, Coventry TG-1 to TG-1224
 51 St John Fisher Catholic Church, Tiverton Road, Coventry TH-1 to TH-1204
 52 Hawkes Mill Lane Sports and Social Club, Hawkes Mill Lane, Allesley AA-1 to AA-1010
 52 Hawkes Mill Lane Sports and Social Club, Hawkes Mill Lane, Allesley AI-1 to AI-363
 53 Allesley Village Hall, Birmingham Road, Coventry AB-1 to AB-1681
 54 Scout Hut, Wickham Close, Coventry AC-1 to AC-2509
 55 Christ the King Library, 14 Westhill Road, Coventry AD-1 to AD-2517
 56 Pre-School, Hollyfast Primary School, Hollyfast Road, Coventry AE-1 to AE-1260
 57 Keresley United Reformed Church, Bennetts Road, Coventry AF-1 to AF-1131
 58 Whitmore Park Primary School, Halford Lane, Coventry AG-1 to AG-1288
 59 Scout Headquarters, Washbrook Lane, Coventry AH-1 to AH-441
 59 Scout Headquarters, Washbrook Lane, Coventry AJ-1 to AJ-1350
 60 Holy Family Roman Catholic Church Hall, 177 Parkgate Road, Coventry GA-1 to GA-2425
 61 Holbrooks Community Centre, John Shelton Drive, Off Briscoe Road, Coventry GB-1 to GB-1357
 62 Portacabin, St Lukes Road, (Hen Lane End), Coventry GC-1 to GC-1136
 63 St. Finbarrs Sports and Social Club, 303 Holbrook Lane, Holbrooks GD-1 to GD-2179/1
 64 St. Luke`s Parish Centre, Rotherham Road, Coventry GE-1 to GE-965
 65 Parkgate Primary School, Parkgate Road, Coventry GF-1 to GF-1519
 66 Holbrook Library, Holbrook Lane, Coventry GG-1 to GG-1698
 67 Dunlop Sports and Social Club, Burnaby Road, Coventry GH-1 to GH-1382
 68 Portacabin, Corner of Wingfield Way and, Cottage Farm Road GI-1 to GI-949
 69 St. Georges Church Hall, Banks Road, Coventry KA-1 to KA-1006
 70 St Augustine`s Sports Centre, Heathcote Street, Coventry KB-1 to KB-1489
 71 St. Nicholas Radford Church Hall, Sherwood Jones Close, Coventry KC-1 to KC-1458
 72 Lawrence Saunders Road Baptist Church, Lawrence Saunders Road, Coventry KD-1 to KD-1754/2
 73 Radford Community Service Centre, Jubilee Crescent Entrance, Coventry KE-1 to KE-3449
 74 Harp Place Annex, 2 Sandy Lane, Radford, Coventry KF-1 to KF-1197
 75 William Batchelor House, Leicester Row, Coventry KG-2 to KG-878
 76 Jaguar Bowls Club, 12 Kinlet Close, Radford KH-1 to KH-2101
 77 Holyhead Road United Reformed Church, Holyhead Road, Coventry MA-1 to MA-2844
 78 St. Christopher Primary School, Allesley Old Road, Coventry MB-1 to MB-1657
 79 Coundon Social Club, Shorncliffe Road, Coventry MC-1 to MC-1889
 80 The Nursery, Coundon Primary School site, Forfield Road, Coventry MD-1 to MD-2883
 81 Bethel Church, Spon End, Coventry ME-1 to ME-2002
 82 St. Osburg`s Parish Room, Upper Hill Street, Coventry MF-1 to MF-886
 83 Hearsall Community Academy – Bristol Lounge, Kingston Road, Coventry RA-1 to RA-2570/2
 84 Younity Hub @ Wilfred Spencer Centre, Whitaker Road, Coventry RB-1 to RB-1884/1
 85 The Cube, Wildcroft Road, Coventry RC-1 to RC-2635
 86 St. Christopher’s Church, Winsford Avenue, Allesley Park RD-1 to RD-1745
 87 Community Centre, St Mary Magdalene Church, Sir Thomas Whites Road, Chapelfields RE-1 to RE-2748
 88 Massey Ferguson Cricket Club, 40 Summerhill Lane, Coventry SA-1 to SA-1693
 89 St. Oswald`s Church Hall, Jardine Crescent, Coventry SB-1 to SB-1824
 90 Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Hall, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry SC-1 to SC-1226
 91 Scout Headquarters, Kenthurst Close, Coventry SD-1 to SD-2515
 92 Powerleague Coventry, The Woodlands Academy, Broad Lane, Coventry SE-1 to SE-1479
 93 St. John Vianney Parish Room, Bishopton Close, Coventry SF-1 to SF-1353
 94 Park Hill Primary School – The Studio Dining Room, Lower Eastern Green Lane, Coventry SG-1 to SG-2423
 95 Mount Nod Primary School, Greenleaf Close, Coventry SH-1 to SH-1241
 96 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 109 Tonbridge Road, Coventry CA-1 to CA-1867
 97 Christ Church Cheylesmore, 9 Frankpledge Road, Coventry CB-1 to CB-2355
 98 Portacabin, Adj. 105/107 Sedgemoor Road, Coventry CC-1 to CC-930
 99 Cheylesmore Community Centre, 111 Arundel Road, Coventry CD-1 to CD-2689
 100 Manor Park Primary School, Ulverscroft Road, Coventry CE-1 to CE-1570
 101 Quinton Park Baptist Church Hall, Quinton Park, Coventry CF-1 to CF-1539
 102 Dalecote House, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry CG-1 to CG-995
 103 Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, 33 Earlsdon Avenue South, Coventry DA-1 to DA-1948
 104 The Gilbert Richards Centre, Broadway, Coventry DB-1 to DB-1750
 105 St. Barbara`s Church, Rochester Road, Coventry DC-1 to DC-1776
 106 St. James Church Hall, Styvechale, Knoll Drive, Coventry DD-1 to DD-1130
 107 Portacabin, Corner of Sir Henry Parkes Road and, Canley Road, Coventry DE-1 to DE-735
 108 St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church, Watercall Avenue, Coventry DF-1 to DF-2591
 109 The Art Room – Stivichall Primary School, Gregory Avenue, Coventry DG-1 to DG-1097
 110 Standard Triumph Recreation Club, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry DH-1 to DH-765
 111 Newland Court Sheltered Housing Scheme, School Close, Coventry JA-1 to JA-2621
 112 Sacred Heart Church Hall, Harefield Road, Coventry JB-1 to JB-2117
 113 Portacabin, Opposite Aldermoor Lane Clinic, Aldermoor Lane, Coventry JC-1 to JC-1190
 114 Aldermoor Life Centre, 78 Round House Road, Coventry JD-1 to JD-1195
 115 Coventry Sea Cadets, 74 Crescent Avenue, Coventry JE-1 to JE-2678
 116 Scout Headquarters, Between 40-42 Bromleigh Drive, Coventry JF-2 to JF-2208
 117 St Catherine`s Church, Acorn Street, Stoke, Coventry JG-1 to JG-1301/1
 118 Ravensdale Primary School, Ravensdale Road, Coventry JH-1 to JH-2463
 119 Jubilee Christian Church, 32-42 East Street, Coventry LA-1/1 to LA-1557
 120 Former Site House, Frederick Bird Primary School, Swan Lane, Coventry LB-1 to LB-2152
 121 St. Anne and All Saints Community Hall, Acacia Avenue, Coventry LC-1 to LC-1358/1
 122 St. Peter`s Hillfields, Charles Street, Coventry LD-1 to LD-906
 123 Simulation Centre, Cheetah Road, The Technology Park, Puma Way LE-1 to LE-713
 124 The Nursery, St. Mary & St. Benedict R.C. Primary School, Leigh Street, Coventry LF-1 to LF-2325
 125 Aspire Family Hub, Humber Avenue, Off St. George`s Road, Coventry LG-1 to LG-1809
 126 The Council House, Committee Room 4, Earl Street LH-1 to LH-1407
 127 Elim Pentecostal Church, The Butts, Coventry LI-1 to LI-1073
 128 Grange Farm Primary School, Dewsbury Avenue, Coventry PA-1 to PA-1416
 129 Finham Primary School, Green Lane, Coventry PB-1 to PB-2474/1
 130 Portacabin, Corner of Brentwood Avenue and, Howes Lane, Coventry PC-1 to PC-1252
 131 Portacabin, Corner of Moreall Meadows and, the Arboretum, Coventry PD-1 to PD-797
 132 Coventry SEND Services Annex, Cannon Park Primary School, Bransford Avenue, Coventry PE-1 to PE-1773
 133 Woodside Avenue Methodist Church, Woodside Avenue South, Coventry PF-1 to PF-1402
 134 University of Warwick -Ramphal Building Room 0.04, Library Road, Coventry PG-1 to PG-188
 135 Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Hall, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry QA-1 to QA-1982
 136 St. James Church Hall, Westcotes, Coventry QB-1 to QB-1869
 137 Tanyard Farm Community Hall, Tanyard Close, Coventry QC-1 to QC-2226
 138 Coventry Chinese Christian Church, 151 Elm Tree Avenue, Coventry QD-1 to QD-1879
 139 Canley Community Centre, Prior Deram Walk, Coventry QE-1 to QE-2274
 140 St. Stephen`s Church, Charter Avenue, Canley, Coventry QF-1 to QF-1942
 141 Greek Orthodox Church of Holy Transfiguration, Westwood Heath Road, Coventry QG-1 to QG-1570

Where contested this poll is taken together with the election of City Councillors and the election of Combined Authority Mayor.


Published by Local Returning Officer, Council Offices, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR