Who are the Candidates?

Statement of persons nominated

Election of a Police and Crime Commissioner

The statement of the persons nominated will be published here no later than 4pm on 8 April 2024.

For the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) there is no requirement to send information on candidates to electors.  However, further information on the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates for the West Midlands will be available after 10 April.

For Local Elections, it is the decision and responsibility of the candidate or their agent if they want to provide/send out further information to you.

For the Combined Authority Mayoral Election a booklet is posted to every registered elector in the West Midlands Combined Authority area. The booklet containing election addresses for the candidates, as well as other information about the Mayoral Election.  Enclosed within this booklet are some frequently asked questions. You can view the booklet after 10 April – www.wmcaelects.co.uk