Timetable and notices

The deadlines for activity are set in law, and the Combined Authority Returning Officer (CARO) and Local Returning Officers (LROs) have no discretion to change or extend them.

What When Further information
Publication of Notice of Election Thursday 21 March 2024
Publication of Notice of Election Addresses Thursday 21 March 2024
Delivery of poll cards Thursday 21 March onwards Poll cards will be delivered to all eligible electors (who were registered to vote before 7 March 2024 from Thursday 21 March. Electors who register after this date will receive a poll card (possibly in the form of a letter rather than the traditional poll card) at a later date. You do not need to take your poll card with you to vote, it is for information only.
Delivery of nomination papers Between Friday 22 March and Friday 5 April (10am to 4pm, working days only)
Deadline for submission of nomination papers 4pm on Friday 5 April
Notice of Appointment of Election Agents and pulication of notice of Election agents 4pm on Friday 5 April
Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated No later than 4pm on Monday 8 April 2024
 Deadline for registering to vote at this election  Tuesday 16 April 2024
 Deadline to apply for postal (or postal proxy) vote 5pm Wednesday 17 April This is also the deadline to cancel a postal/postal proxy vote.
 Delivery of Mayoral Candidates’ Booklets From 16 April  Delivery will be staggered over a number of days.
 Delivery of Postal Votes From 17 April Anyone who applied after 18 March and before the deadline of 17 April will not receive their postal vote until around 25 April.
Last day for Voter Authority Certificates  5pm Wednesday 24 April
Publication of Notice of Poll No later than Wednesday 24 April Other than in Birmingham where this election is combined with the Police & Crime Commissioner Election, this election is combined with Local elections and Police & Crime Commissioner.
Situation of Polling Stations No later than Wednesday 27 April
Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2024
Appointment of Election Sub-agents Names and Offices

Appointment of Poll and Count agents

Thursday 25 April 2024
First day electors can apply for a replacement postal vote where theirs has been lost or was not received Friday 26 April
Day of Poll 7am to 10pm, Thursday 2 May
Deadline to apply for a replacement postal vote 5pm on Thursday 2 May
Deadline to apply for an emergency proxy 5pm on Thursday 2 May (A medical or work-related emergency that occurred after the deadline to apply for a proxy vote – where no other absent voting arrangements are in place)
Result published following Count Saturday 4 May 2024
Return of election expenses Thursday 6 June 2024